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Welcome to our Blog. A source for insights, news and pro tips on NetSuite, the industries we serve and our own company.

The Complex World of Publishers – Simplified
Packaging, pricing, selling, trafficking and billing digital ads require tight coordination for online publishers to run a profitable digital advertising business. Simply put, publishers that cannot integrate their systems, centralize data, and establish coherent processes will struggle to scale and innovate.
Our Advertising Business Management platform, ADhere, helps digital media publishers streamline all aspects of operations in order to quickly capture new revenue opportunities, reduce operational complexity, improve financial processes and reduce time to cash. We focus on integrating your various advertising technologies (Ad Servers, Networks, RTBs etc.) with your business technology, providing you with industry best-practices, process control and automation along the way.
Built on the world’s largest elastic Cloud platform, ADhere can deliver the tools, flexibility and innovation publishers need to get and stay ahead.


We simplify ad sales by integrating your CRM with your inventory. Allowing salespeople to quickly respond to RFPs and build proposals and IOs with inventory from multiple Ad Servers and sources. We enable channels and packages, brand and pricing optimization, and other rules the management team sets. IOs are instantly integrated into your CRM’s opportunity pipeline, allowing sales processes and reporting to continue. Campaigns can be launched directly from the CRM, reducing execution time and costs.

ADhere enables the flexibility, speed and accuracy that will transform your advertising sales processes and empower your salespeople to sell higher value campaigns faster.

Finance and Billing

Timely, accurate and complete data are keys to fast, efficient and precise billing. Our ADhere platform simplifies and shortens the billing cycle for publishers by automating the reconciliation and billing processes. We integrate and consolidate campaign data from Ad Servers, and 3rd parties in our ADhere database, comparing them to the expected IO values. Automated calculations are applied, over/under fulfillment rules are executed, and this is presented to your finance team enabling them to quickly reconcile, adjust values and finalize. We can also include third-party data for further validation.

ADhere pushes billing data to your ERP or Accounting software to create and send invoices, dramatically cutting the cost and time to prepare, bill and collect.

Best of Breed

Central to the design of ADhere is the idea that fast growing, and ever changing advertising businesses need the flexibility to adapt and innovate. To support this need, we have engineered ADhere to work with any CRM, and/or any accounting or financial package.

ADhere empowers your existing business technology by integrating it with your advertising technology. We use the power of an elastic cloud environment to connect your systems, centralize your data and perform sophisticated, advertising specific processes. The integration ensures that each of your business systems is updated, harmonizing data, and synchronizing business processes.

Say Goodbye to Data Silos

Digital publishers develop multiple processes to support the complexities of the digital advertising business. As their businesses grow, these processes often result in disparate technologies to support each area, forcing publishers to operate in functional silos. For many organizations, trafficking one campaign can require 10-20 redundant data entries with CRM alone, multiple ad servers (e.g. display, mobile, video, rich media), affiliate partner systems, and financial applications. Reconciling and billing preparation is no different, as a result of it taking days to prepare billing data, collection times are extended.

ADhere brings together all of the processes and systems that support the selling, trafficking, reporting and billing of ads into a single system, providing publishers with unified, end-to-end business processes.

Pushing the Limits of Publishing

Trajectory has been providing consulting, integration and development solutions for all aspects of the advertising industry since our inception in 2005. We have designed and delivered solutions that have helped some of North America’s largest publishers improve the way they sell and bill print and digital advertising. We’ve put or experience with publishers, agencies, networks and other business into our engineering of ADhere. Our focus is on leveraging the tools and technologies your business already relies on, augmenting them with more complete information, better automation and simplified processes.

If you are seeking real expertise, a proven technology and the desire to help you build your advertising business, get in touch with us.

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