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Welcome to our Blog. A source for insights, news and pro tips on NetSuite, the industries we serve and our own company.

Unify and Simplify your Advertising Technology
The universe of advertising technology seems to be infinitely expanding. New selling, buying, billing and trafficking methods and tools seem to spring up everyday. Forcing you to transform your business and your focus from advertising to technology. Trajectory can help simplify your operations, removing the challenge of integrating and centralizing your advertising technology.
Our ADhere Ad Server integration toolkit is built on a database paradigm specifically oriented to the advertising industry, as well as flexible API, REST, XML and JSON integration capabilities to connect with virtually anything. Our ADhere Ad Server integration platform enables fast, flexible and reliable connections to your various Ad Servers, RTBs, Networks and the other advertising technology you need to run your business.
We can help you remove complexity, unify your business and advertising technology and continue to focus on delivering compelling advertising options for your clients.

Connected, Simplified and Real-Time Ad Sales

ADhere’s CRM integration allows you to provide your sales team with access to all of the inventory on connected ad servers and networks, directly in your CRM. The ADhere middleware platform provides configuration and workflow controls to structure and organize inventory types, channels, targeting and other rules.

Once integrated with CRM, inventory data is used to create realistic and accurate proposals with inventory from any/all connected inventory sources. Once an insertion or campaign is ready, ADhere pushes the IO from your CRM directly into your ad servers, managing the routing of inventory, and holding or creating the campaign components in each ad server.

Simpler and Faster Finance Processes

ADhere simplifies and streamlines finance and accounting processes for publishers and agencies, and reduces friction in the billing process for faster customer payments. It does this by connecting the source of campaign performance data with the finance and accounting systems that are used to bill and collect payment.

ADhere works with data from your connected ad servers, third-party data services and networks, aggregating, consolidating and preparing it for use by your accounting and billing solutions. The prepared data can then be automatically pushed into your accounting system for faster billing and collections.

Elastic Tools for Today and Tomorrow

The advertising industry is innovating quickly, and the technology and practices that drive it change constantly. ADhere is purpose-built to be at the centre of this innovative world. A truly agnostic integration platform with unlimited computing power at its core, ADhere provides a platform that will grow and adapt to your organization’s needs.

ADhere is incredibly flexible. Built on Amazon’s AWS framework, it is the most flexible and scalable platform in the world. This allows businesses to innovate and iterate quickly to support the latest ad technology and best practices. Trajectory will help you build processes that drive your business forward today, ADhere will be there for you as you innovate.

Full Service Ad Server Integration Practice

Our Ad Server integration practice can help you validate, design and deploy your integration project. Whether that be connecting your advertising technology to a CRM or accounting system, or building a database to centralize campaign reporting, we have the tools and experience. We offer options for integration, using Trajectory’s ADhere platform for specific advertising business management integrations, as well as Dell’s Boomi integration middleware.

We support integrations to leading ad servers like DoubleClick (DFP and DSM), AdTech Helios IQ, 24/7 and Open X, and can rapidly develop API and web services-driven integrations for virtually any platform.

Trajectory’s Proven Track Record in Advertising Industry

Trajectory has been providing consulting, integration and development solutions for all aspects of the advertising industry since our inception in 2005. We have designed and delivered solutions that have helped some of North America’s largest publishers improve the way they sell and bill print and digital advertising. We have put or experience with publishers, agencies, networks and other businesses into our integration solutions for the advertising industry to provide your business with a greater operating advantage.

If you are seeking real expertise, a proven technology and the desire to help you build your advertising business, get in touch with us.

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